Ang Pow is originated to symbolize good luck, and it is given as a monetary gift on holidays or special occasions. However, we took that idea, and twist it to make lemonade.

Introducing the Ground Breaking Ang Pow Innovation. iPack! First of it’s kind to be specifically designed, to create customizable greetings for any special occasions.

1 iPack ∞ Possibilities

Just Poke Like You Don’t Need a Poke Back!

iPack has an Envelope with pre-cut dots on the surface, and a Sleeve to insert in the envelope, in order to flash your designs or messages. All you need to do is to literally Poke the pre-cut dots on the envelope surface with a finger to customize & reveal what you desire.

The sleeves are appropriate to be slotted into the poked envelope, and it can house a RM100 note in perfectly safe with no hassle. Each iPack set has 10 vibrant designs, messages, and games to convey the greetings you desire for any occasions.

Poke for Pattern

Reveal your favorite part of the pattern by poking the cover accordingly, and you will have a perfectly decorated red packet on the go.

Poke Your Emoticons

Rather speak in the language of emoticons? We’ve got you covered. Just create messages with emoticons or just poke and reveal a smiley face to put a smile on the receiver’s face.

Poke Your Messages

It contains alphabets like a Word Search with common greetings , however don’t be constrain by the words you can find, just create your own words, unleash your creativity.

Poke for Pattern

Reveal your favorite part of the pattern by poking the cover accordingly, and you will have a perfectly decorated red packet on the go.

Poke the Surname

If you are the minimalist kind of person, well, just poke and reveal surname. That’s all!

Write and Poke Your Greetings

Prefer writing your own stuff? we have the option just for you. Just write down your greetings and messages, if you desire, poke the messages to reveal or just leave it un-poked. P.s. It is the best way to send secret messages.

Play the Game : Minesweeper

The objective of the game is to clear a rectangular board containing hidden "mines" without detonating any of them, with help from clues about the number of neighboring mines in each field.

Play the Game : Match the Goats

The objective of the game is to form a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical chain of three goats in blue. The player to match the most, wins the game.

Play the Game : Reversi

Poke all Dots to use the dots as game pieces, which are Red on one side and White on the other. The player with most assigned color pieces on board, wins.

The Making of

The Team

In efforts to cast out the mundane use of Ang Pow @ Red Packets, we as Thinkers, Designers and Communicators of Dot Creative Design, has proudly found a way to revolutionize the Ang Pow. We explored and master planned the idea to perfectly serve its purpose and more, with the name iPack

Dot Creative Design

The cutting-edge design of iPack required a special touch of the finest craftsmen from the Edho & Associates Sdn Bhd, to provide their insight and special touch to print & assemble the revolutionary red packet. From an idea, it was later produced into a tangible dashing product.


To spread the word in the digitalized world, a fully equipped website with interactive features was put together by the creative and web savvy Blect web designers. Practical Website, made easy to inform people regarding the specialty of the product.